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Time To Experience The New Renting Platform In Ghana – RenthauZ

RenthauZ - Total Rent Solutions

Renthauz an accessible housing rental launches in Ghana today as a group of vibrant entrepreneurs came together to address problems of rent providing the platform with a wider spectrum of properties to choose from having in mind the urge to solve Sustainable Development goals 8, 9 and 11. 

Renthauz aims at becoming a solution to property renting. It seeks to work hand in hand with property owners, landlords, agents, and individuals through the website and mobile app which provides the most comprehensive and innovative rent solution tools that will make your rental experience perfect.

An opportunity for individuals to access, quote and pick properties in the comfort of their homes. “We help you find residential and commercial properties to rent anywhere in Ghana and also provide offline support and guidance on renting a property.”

With a population of 28.83 million (2017), in Ghana and the department of social welfare indicating that about 300,000 persons currently live and work on the streets of Ghana, the inaccessibility of properties has been a factor. Hey, be rest assured the savior of the day ‘Renthauz’ is here says COO Miss Faustina Kokloe. 

Clients get to list their properties on the site for easy access to the general public. For the first four (4) months customers get to list on the site for free building a strong rapport with both the Renthauz team and possible customers since they get to rate services given them by these property owners.

Rent is and will continue to be an issue in our daily lives since we may need to rent at one point in our life either for ourselves, friends or families and when coming face to face with this reality we wish to solve it hands down.

In the real-world, RenthauZ is here to play a significant role in the rental sector in meeting housing needs in Ghana. RenthauZ seeks to provide an avenue for a search in the right direction reducing stress in search of a property, opportunity to quote your own budget.

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