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The Cyber Zone: Hitting Your Screens Soon

An online and weekend television program

In an era where cybersecurity is becoming a need rather than a want, education is required to inform the masses on issues surrounding the internet and how to protect oneself.

Ghana is reported to have lost $9.8 Million to cybersecurity and other illegal activities online thus the need for the education on cybercrime and how to be on the defensive at least.

Microtek is glad to inform the public that very soon a Television show with the sole purpose of cyber education will be hitting our screens soon.

In this article, we sat down with David Gyedu, commonly known as DK Cyber the would-be host of the program.

Below are the responses we got from him regarding the show.


The Cyber Zone is an online and weekend TV program. This program will educate and create awareness on cybersecurity. This would generally be on how the ordinary user can protect him/herself against cyber threats or attacks.

The program will seek to interview professionals and skilled personals in the cybersecurity field. This would include professionals who are into Ethical hacking, Penetration testing and Identity management. Others include Information, Network, Endpoint, Data, Mobile, Cloud, and Application security. Disaster recovery experts, Software and Web developers will also be invited as guests.

They will educate the viewers on cybersecurity. The many issues to be tackled online will include Cyber fraud, Data breaches, Child Online Safety, Smartphone security threats, Hacking, Phishing, Malware attacks, ATM protection, SIM Box fraud, Social media fraud, Website defacement, Fake news, DOS attacks and many more.

The program is scheduled to be live on Metro TV and as well uploaded weekly on the website and a YouTube channel The Cyber Zone Gh.


David Gyedu who is also known as DK Cyber will be the host of the show. DK Cyber is the founder of the cyber zone and a team member of Inveteck Global, a cybersecurity firm that is among the Top 100 teams in the world according to Hackthebox ranking. He holds a diploma in broadcasting journalism, a Degree in ICT from the Accra Institute of Technology and a Professional certificate in cybersecurity from StationX in USA and EH Academy Online.

He is a cybersecurity researcher, studied ethical hacking at Inveteck global and still reading and learning on Ethical hacking, Penetration testing and cybersecurity.

DK Cyber – Host


The program will receive support from Metro TV, Invetech Global, Quantum Security Solutions, DKCyberGh, and Spy Recs Entertainment. The program has already received endorsements from hackers across the globe, from Ghana, India, China, Pakistan, and Russia as well.


The Cyber Zone seeks to empower the everyday tech user to have a very peaceful and private interaction with the internet. It will create a free platform for the general public to understand how important cybersecurity is and as well get the opportunity to ask and receive answers from well-experienced cybersecurity experts. The show will be current on cyber threats on how to prevent them.

At the end of every episode, the viewer will understand the need to pay attention to cybersecurity and get tips on how to ensure an appreciable online presence and be aware of cyber-attacks out there.

The show seeks to have its uniqueness and solely be about security and teach viewers how to be safe and secure online.


The general public can contact us on all our social media platforms, website and place a call.


Facebook: The Cyber Zone

Youtube: The Cyber Zone Gh

Whatsapp or Call: +233 (0) 552 373 603


For the most part, cybersecurity problems result from the inherent nature of information technology (IT), the complexity of information technology systems, and human fallibility in making judgments about the information on the web. None of these factors is likely to change in the foreseeable future thus the need to stay glued to your seat every week to learn a thing or two from experts.

Cybersecurity threats evolve every now and then and hence enhancing the posture of the system and most importantly our approach to handling them. For a complex subject like cybersecurity, trust The Cyber Zone to do justice to every episode discussion.

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