5 Tips For Effective Remote Work

How to manage social distancing in our times

As a result of the coronavirus outbreak, many institutions have called for a temporary close down. Many would say this will affect the flow of work. But with current technology, that would be a lie, if not a myth. In this article, we would be discussing effective measures to take when you are working remotely and, in a subsequent article, discuss software or application to ensure we work effectively.

The workplace has evolved for so many years, and as we speak, remote employees are increasing every year while remote work is progressing at a high rate. From factories to cubicles and now with WiFi or a simple internet connection and some tech tools, one can be as productive at home if not more productive in comparison to working from permanent office spaces.

Research has shown that 30% of the enterprise workspace portfolio would be flexible by the year 2030. Besides, in the years to come, people will no longer need to move to different cities or countries so that they can work or get a job. Now the internet lets you work from anywhere.

Advances in technology and access to high-speed internet allowed companies to go remote. But the real reason for the rise in remote work is its benefits. People realize that remote work is, in fact, the future of work.

Independent workspace, flexible working hours, and personal life benefits appeal more to the future workforce. 

Let’s now take a look at some tips for implementing for better results at remote working


The lure of the kitchen, household chores, television, and social media is enough to distract anyone from work. Do not fall for these distractions because it is quite easy to lose track of time when you work from home. Make a schedule of your daily activities and goals while tracking all meetings or online appointments.

In these instances, a calendar for the number of days asked to stay home would be very beneficial. Also, you will need a To-Do List and task management or productive app to ensure you get things done.


Communication is one of the critical things one must be mindful of during your remote working period. If your work demands that you collaborate with your peers, instructing your subordinates and reporting to your direct supervisors ensure that is it done seamlessly and timely.

If you rely heavily on your colleagues all the time when you are at work, don’t let working at home stop you. In this case, there are collaborative tools that would help. But take note, if there is the need to step back from your desk and make a call, do not hesitate to do just that.


A workplace is essential where you work, and a home setup would be an advantage. Your feet up on the couch and sitting anywhere in the room may sound great, but it gets uncomfortable fast. Carve a space out in your cabin (preferably a desk and a chair) where your laptop, files, and any essential office item can be stationary.

If possible, ask your direct superior, what items you would require. It may include your laptop, a webcam, printer, specific software to install, etc. Headphones would come in handy if you would be partaking in conference calls, and finally, an extra monitor might be beneficial in the long run.


Ensure that your internet access is top-notch and can handle your workload. If you would be doing a lot of streaming or file uploads and downloads, test your internet speeds before the start of work as your bandwidth would probably be slower than what you are used to in the office.

Selecting the right ISP (Internet service provider) is as important as the work in some circumstances, so it will be right to do a little research on them and Data Packages they provide.


Finally, carefully placing a break or two during the day would keep one refreshed. Take that snack break and take that launch break as well.

Pushing your way through the day without rest would produce results for a couple of days but will be a demerit in the long run.

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