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How To Stay Safe Online (Part 1)

A series to staying safe online

With the rapid global technological expansion, it has indeed been a thing of worry for us to be able to stay safe within the global cyberspace. Failure to adhere to certain safety tips and procedures could lead to an unrecoverable amount of data, finances as well as the loss of lives in some rear cases. Both corporate and individual need to put in place certain security and safety measures when surfing the world wide web and as such, I would love to use this medium to bring to your notice certain tips and strategies that could help secure your cyberspace from data losses as well as more harmful attacks from the bad guys (Black hackers) in general.

Bulletproof your password

I know you are wondering if it is indeed possible for you to have a bulletproof password that cannot be cracked or guessed. My answer is YES. In other to achieve this, ensure your selected password has a combination of both capital letters, small letters, numbers, special symbols and should be a minimum of 15 characters in total for the entire combination. The mistakes most people do is having to use their birthday, pets name, kids name, vacation spots and things or words that they use frequently as their password and as such not giving the bad guys (Black hackers) a hard time to brute force the would-be password.

Also, ensure you do not write down this password on any readable file, notebook or save it on your phone. As much as possible try to memorize it and ensure not to share it with others. Once every three months, learn to modify these passwords in other for you to continually be safe online.

Upgrade your Network Security Infrastructure

By this I mean, you need to have your anti-virus activated on your device and it should be up to date as well as your firewall. Also, ensure your wifi routers are password protected in other to encrypt your files. When surfing the internet with a free open wifi connection, ensure you also make use of VPN (Virtual Private Network) and also pre-installed and active this VPN software when accessing the internet from a free open wifi connection.

Avoid Clicking Unidentified URL

Most times, we all get URL links (website Link) in our emails, social media messaging platforms among other ads pop up on our device when we are surfing the internet. In other to stay safe while surfing the world wide web we need to ensure that all links are thoroughly verified in other to ensure we are not clicking on malware, cookie stealers, virus, bot, form stealers, among other nefarious tools used by hackers to sniff out sensitive information from our unsecured network connections. In other to verify all URL links, you can simply copy and paste these links in a free online link scanning tool ( in other to scan the link for any malicious back door it might be giving to the hackers and crackers alike.

Finally, being safe online requires us to take precautionary measures in ensuring that we do not share too much sensitive personal information of ourselves online.

Watch out for more safety tips in the following days.

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Orinemi Micheal A

Orinemi Micheal A is the CEO of Don Micky Tech Group. He is an EC Council Certified Ethical Hacker, Webmaster, PHP certified Programmer, and Network Administrator. Being an expert in the cybersecurity field, he deems it fit to use this platform to educate his audience on basic cybersecurity tips and topics alike.

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