About MicroTek

MicroTek Digital is a one of the products of Micro Tek Solutions whose sole purpose is to remain the number one tech educational firm of disseminating happenings in the tech space through various means available.

The current products of MicroTek Solutions include

  • Blogging – MicroTek Solutions recognizes the accessibility of smartphones to many. This implies that, many are open to reading happenings on their phone, and that is where MicroTek Digital steps in.
  • Podcast – The 2nd product from MicroTek Solutions is a podcast to demystify the technology to the masses

MicroTek started by way of sharing tech news to Whatsapp groups and Facebook timelines informing friends of happenings in the tech world during the National Service Year of Mohammed Sylla (A Microtek Blogger). This was done in a very simple way that made readers aware of tech stories and updates

MicroTek Solutions then was conceived in the 3rd Quarter of 2019 but the Blog site launched on the 6th of February 2020 with hopes to bring a new approach to tech blogging. The focus of the Blog will mainly lie in and around Interviews with tech guys and individuals that are not necessarily into tech but have some exposure in that field. This would aim to encourage our readers to venture into technology.

The team is currently made up of three very vibrant individuals and dedicated personalities in their respective fields.

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You can follow Micro Tek Solutions on the following social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can join our Telegram Channel and Whatsapp Group as well for updates. You can also contact the Editor on write@microtek.digital or +233 24 568 3810

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